Sunday, February 24, 2019

Bosnian Evening in South Africa

When I am in South Africa, I try to bring a little taste of Bosnia and Herzegovina and show people what I am up to over here and this time was no different:
We started off with a nice welcome and by getting nametags at the door - thanks to Dave my minister/pastor for helping us do that:
While outside my long-suffering friends were actually cooking the food: Here are Dave and Pat cooking the cevapi!
While friends and family were called in to help in the kitchen: Kalene with my Mom and Aunt Janny:
Kalene's husband, Matt, and others help to serve the food to the about 75 people that came along: (Matt and Kalene visited me in Banja Luka last year)
In fact there were a lot of people who helped throughout the night - even Charmaine helped by blowing up the "globe", so we could show children when Bosnia is!
 Here are Tina and Rosie enjoying it as a ball:
And then it was time to enjoy the food: Dave, Sarah and little Rachel (not sure if she likes it though!)
 Rose, Arja and Gerrida enjoying a good catch up!
And I think everyone enjoyed the food and the atmosphere: Jessie showing his approval! 
And then it was time for the quiz:
I asked questions to help them learn more about Bosnia and Herzegovina and also what I am doing there:
And here are Alex's answers... which weren't strictly correct, but actually her parents' table did win the quiz so she got a prize!
There was time to catch up with dear friends whom I hadn't seen yet while I had been in South Africa: Liszl, Grant and Benjamin:
 And enjoy seeing my Serbian friends again, Suzana, Misha and Filip:
Before helping to clean everything and then heading home, feeling tired but well loved! Thank-you to everyone who helped before, during and after to make this such a wonderful evening!! 
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