Friday, July 01, 2016

BISA Cultural Evening (Brazil, India and South Africa)

With my friends, the Bennetts, here from South Africa and Murilo here from Brazil and Avi from India, we decided to have a cultural night at EKC Ihtus featuring these countries: Here I am introducing the Bennetts:
Here is Murilo with his Brazilian Hotdogs:
And Avi made us some Indian Chai:
And from South Africa we had pumpkin fritters in the beginning and at the end of the evening we had milk tart (with Katherine Bennett sneaking a bite!) YUMMY!!

Little Rachel (here with mom, Sarah) loved the pumpkin fritters:
And everyone had a great time enjoying the food, drink and sweet stuff...
Before we were treated to a very interesting presentation on each of the countries... 
At the end Murilo shared a story from his childhood in Brazil and how he prayed to the Lord to get him out of his bad family situation, and the Lord answered his prayer... He used a wonderful illustration where he changed his broken home through the cross:
All in all it was a wonderful evening, full of fun and food and new experiences. Thanks to everyone who made it an experience to remember! 

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