Saturday, September 21, 2019

Mom's visit 2019

I am really blessed in that my mother comes (almost) every year for a visit on her world travels to see her children. She spent time with my brother in Canada, and then went to my sister in the UK, before heading to visit me in Banja Luka. Ljilja and I took her to our favourite new restaurant: Bizarre bar.
 She especially liked the deserts - we planned to go back to try some and never got there... next time!
But don't worry, there was plenty of ice-cream, and the weather (although cold in the mornings) was mostly lovely and sunny:
We did a little bit of touristing and also some shopping at the market - Mom was in luck that all the summer stuff was on sale, and so she grabbed a few bargains :) And we enjoyed the fountains:
We also went to see the new Downton Abbey movie... Or as it is called here "Dauntonska Opatija"
And we were all on our lonesone in the funky theatre... Luckily it is English with subtitles, so Mom can understand it, but what she couldn't understand was when they turned on the lights as soon as the credits started rolling. She always stays to the bitter end... she even tried to stay despite the lights, but they actually started motioning to us to get out- that was a bit of a cultural experience for Mom!
We also has a lot of fun trying to take a picture with the selfie spot sign. Seriously... It is part of a tourism organisation's plan to make tourists have fun in different places in Banja Luka. And well, we did have a lot of fun... mostly because it was tricky to hold the sign and not have the "s" disappear behind my head, making it a "selfie pot"! It wasn't designed to be held, instead to be glued to the wall, but the glue was not glueing it anymore, so we took advantage!! I am sure people thought we were crazy as we took about 20 photos before we finally got it right...and both of us having the giggles didn't help! Good times! 
Besides having fun in Banja Luka, we drove to Ljubljana and Bled in Slovenia to meet up with some other YWAMers there. I do know how to show Mom a good time: Here we are in Bled: With the ONLY island in Slovenia in the background on the left with the church and the castle up on the right overlooking it all...
On the other side of the late with the YWAMers - two Norwegians and a Slovene. Andreja, the Slovene, is the only fulltime YWAMer in Slovenia at the moment, and the Norwegians, Andreas and Geir Edvin, are from a YWAM location which wants to support her, so I, as one of the YWAM leaders for this area went to meet up with them all and talk details... I also did my Leadership Training School with the two of them, and we were all involved in "It's time for Slovenia" in 2017, so it was a nice reunion!
And we had a good time... here we are all enjoying Bled cremshnita: sooooo yummy!
Some more classic pictures of the beauty of Bled:

There were so many other things that happened while she was here, including her making me a chair cover (gotta use those sewing skills! and Mom LOVED the fabric shop here!), her getting a haircut and a pedicure (cheapest place on her travels!), enjoying the indoor pools together and having friends over for dinner/coffee. And all in all, I think Mom enjoyed her 2019 visit to Banja Luka (and beyond!) 
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