Saturday, June 29, 2019

YWAM Davos Team

After the Faith and Conflict, I was back in Banja Luka for a couple of days before the YWAM Davos team (who were part of the F&C) came up to be here for just over 3 weeks. They are a great team and we had a fantastic time with them here. They were actually from the US, Canada, The Netherlands and Belgium, but all drawn to YWAM Davos through their love of snowboarding/skiing and extreme sports: Here they are at a place overlooking Banja Luka, where we spent time praying for the city: 
The first week, they surprised me for my birthday with a lovely birthday brunch: so fun!
They enjoyed hanging out with people at both English Classes and the photography workshop we ran while they were here:
We went quite a few times to the Children's Home, where they helped with our last few Book Clubs, and also on the weekends to entertain the kids:
 Making Ninja stars out of popsicle sticks:
 And making bracelets out of beads:
Of course, I don't have pics of the facepainting or football and other fun games or dramas (which I was translating) that happened... The kids loved the team, sometimes a little bit too much - as some of the girls ended up sending love notes to the boys on the team...  so cute!

They also helped A LOT to get stuff ready for future workshops. I get a lot of donations of things and it all needs organising. Here are Keelen, Dani and Caroline organising ALL the beads:
And they not only sharpened all my pencil crayons, but their OCD came out when they organised them into a rainbow... but actually it ended up being very helpful as I have now made two equal sets - one to take to the |Home and one to use for workshops in our classroom.
The team was also super handy, so they helped a LOT practically around the building: here are Nick and Tom enjoying the hardware store... buying stuff we needed to fix up and make the house great!
They helped also to clean out the container and get everything ready for our camp in August, and of course I don't have ANY photos of that... Or the before pic of this room which they totally cleared out, repainted and made completely new... the incentive was that they then could have the table tennis table set up in there... so this is them all setting it up! (you will just have to take my word for it, they did a LOT of work in there... the right incentive helps!!)
It wasn't all work and no play - I really am the "fun aunty" and for their days off organised one rafting trip on the river: (which I joined them in!) It was such a great day as the water was still quite high after recent rains, so there was quite a lot of white water adrenaline!
But for more adrenaline, they were also able to jump off this bridge... I did NOT join them in this activity:
And on another free day we went on my favourite hike along the river at Krupa na Vrbasu: 
We walked to the source of the river - which comes straight out of the mountain. You can't capture it in a photo, but it is so amazing to see how God makes something out of nothing!

I was very sad to see them go as they really were an amazing team - I even made them each Thank-you Cards to show appreciation for all that they did: We tell teams that they are each laying another brick in the building that God is building here, and these guys definitely placed many!!

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