Thursday, April 18, 2019

Austrian team for Easter

A team of 15 young people came from Austria for a week to help us with our Easter programs. They were mostly young teenagers and it was great having them come again (they were with us last year as well.)

We had a lovely little puppet play to start off with - and Ljilja and I were doing the voices behind the scenes... all about the true meaning of Easter! 

Then it was time for some different fun activities with the kids... first of all altogether: 
 And then we moved into many different activities all around the room: making crosses and other crafts:

And some fun activities, including: bounce the ball into the hole:
A really fun game with little coloured cups:
 Loom bands!!
And HUGE Jenga! We all got a huge fright when they all fell over!
We had a great week with them - they also went to schools and to the children's home, but I don't have pictures of that... as a treat and to say "thank-you" we took them to Krupa na Vrbas and Jajce for the day... here we all at Krupa:
And here you can see better the beauty of where we are :)
Here are Ljilja and I with the team leader, Hanna - who is originally from Finland, but has been many years in Austria: we love Hanna!
And what is so great is that Hanna is committed to coming every Easter and helping us reach out to children and youth with her teams of teenagers! 
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