Monday, March 18, 2019

Family Values workshop and unexpected visitor

On Saturday, we held a workshop for the sponsorship kids and their parents, and even though quite a lot of the kids couldn't make it or came without their parents, it was still a fun workshop for everyone who came. The theme was Family Values, and we had a great time making decoupage covers for recipe books:
My friend, Dijana, who works at the Children's Home helped us make this a wonderful workshop. Here she is putting Sofija's book together:
 While everyone else was waiting their turn:
Here are most of us with our finished products: Thanks to Diana for helping us make these wonderful memories together!
To make things more interesting, we were also hosting an unexpected visitor, Jorg and his dog, Bragi, from Germany. As Jorg put it, Bragi is a German German Shepherd :) And Bragi was so good with the kids!  
They have travelled 2000kms of their pilgrimage to Jerusalem and were with us for two nights before continuing on. Here is a page from Jorg's pilgrim's book, showing some of the places that he has stopped along the way:
It is always so interesting the kinds of people that make their way to us in Banja Luka - from pilgrims to the most travelled musician in India to teams from ALL over, to so many of my friends and family! All are welcome and I love that I get to show them God's love through hospitality! 

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