Thursday, January 24, 2019

Half way...

I am here in South Africa for two months, and I am half-way through my time here. And I realised that I am also kind of half-way between the two worlds... I wanted to write a book called "Neither here nor there" once, but then realised that Bill Bryson had already used that title. But now I realise that it isn't neither here nor there, but rather BOTH here and there... I have two places I call "home". I come home to South Africa and connect with my church and my family and friends and then go "home" to live in Bosnia and beyond again...

I have a dual sim phone - with both a BiH and SA sim card in it. And the symbols I use are the 🏠 and the ❤️ - when I am in BiH, I represent the BiH SIM with the 🏠  and the ❤️ is for the SA SIM and vice versa for when I am in South Africa! And to carry the analogy on: I will also ALWAYS be in roaming on one of my SIM cards. So, when I am in Bosnia, my ❤️ will long for SA and when I am in SA, I will miss Bosnia! But, I realise that I am really blessed to have both a heart and a home in both places...

I have been having a great time while I have been here in SA - hanging with friends and family (and friends that are like family), and just enjoying the warmer weather a LOT! Here are some of the highlights so far:

Christmas Eve (my first day!) dinner at the Spur at the Waterfront with the family: (James' long arms are SUPER for "selfies"!)
Christmas Day dinner with the extended family in Rooi Els:
 Which included a little dip in the ocean, so beautiful!
Then it was time to say goodbye to the British side of the family... Spur at the airport:
 Spending time with Mom in Kirstenbosch :)
 We also went to a couple of the wonderful Summer Sunset Concerts:
Here I am with the "Awesome Aunties" - Mom, mom's sister, Jan, and mom's maid of honour, Lee:

We also went to see a couple of shows and out for dinner (using a voucher, of course!): It is fun being an "honourable" awesome auntie!
 And another highlight is going to my favourite beach and hanging out with the penguins:
I don't have any photos of some of the most fun times with friends, as I was having too much fun :) I hope you enjoyed this look at some of what I got up during the first half of my stay here - here's to the second half!! 
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