Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Michaela and Janice

If you would ask me what the hardest thing about being here is, I would say that it is the saying goodbye. In fact, 5 years ago, I wrote a blogpost on saying goodbye which I still return to as a reminder every so often...

But, just this past week, I got to say hello to two people who were in my life over 10 years ago, and it was so great to see them both again!

Janice is a dear friend, and I have seen her quite a few times since she left Bosnia over 10 years ago, including in Israel and Vienna, but Michaela I haven't seen since she and her family left Bosnia 11 years ago.

When I first came to Bosnia and Herzegovina, I was in a city called Zenica. Her parents, Jeff and Cindy, were there and their family became my second family. I know that I survived that transition period into live here mainly because of their support. Michaela was 4 when I arrived and I still think of her as that sweet little girl, but she is now all grown up and about to embark on her Masters!

She is travelling around Europe on an internship and started with me here and it was so great to have her. We miss her already. Janice came from Vienna to celebrate her birthday and completely by accident they were here at the same time (and they knew each other from before as well!)
You can read here more of what Michaela is up to this summer and what her impression of Banja Luka was! We had a crazy beginning with her sharing the church building with 11 other people and then as they left, a more relaxed time helping us sort out stuff for children's workshops as well as helping Janice sort out some of her stuff (which she is finally getting around to getting rid of after leaving it in Sarajevo for 10 years!)

It was great having both of them here again, and seeing how mature Michaela is now. It was again hard to have to say goodbye to them again - but I know even if I don't see them again here on this earth (which I hope I will!) we will see each other again one day in heaven, and that gives me hope! 

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