Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Central European Leadership Gathering | Romania

Every other year, we hold a leadership gathering for the Central European region of YWAM. We usually have between 70 or 80 people attend and it is a great way for people to connect, as well as get inspired to continue their work in this region. This year it was time to hold it once again in Romania, where the majority of the people are in this area. We found a place about an hour outside of Cluj, surrounded by lovely mountains and where we could get away from it all!

Over 80 people attended in the end, and it was a great time of networking, as well as getting wonderful input from Stephe and Rite Mayers, who have been leaders in YWAM Europe for many years.

I was helping to facilitate the program as well as keeping an eye on the logistics (which were being handled by our phenomenal event manager, Tabita), as well as meeting with people every chance I got, so it meant for long, busy days, but I love it! I came back completely physically exhausted, but in all other ways completely full!

We did have a chance to go one afternoon to a waterfall not too far away. It was good to get out in nature (it was about a 20 minute walk to it) and also hang out with people more informally!

And of course, I didn't take my phone, so I only got pics with people who then sent them to me... (on the left, Ana from Canada/Croatia and on the right Greg and Erin from US/Poland). It really is great at these conferences to be able to catch up with old friends and make new ones!

I also didn't get any pictures of me up in the front doing my thang - but that is because I was too busy doing too many other things to think of documenting it. Oh well. I worked with our core team - me and 3 guys - to put everything together and make sure it all ran smoothly. It was so great working with such a phenomenal group and according to the feedback we did an OK job.

On the first night, one of the core team, Florin from Romania, was introducing the four of us, and he asked us each to tell him one fun fact that he could share, that no one would know about us. I told him that my fact was that I had a snake as a pet as a child. I thought he would just share "Belinda had a snake as a pet as a child" and that would be that... but he managed to take it and use it well: He said "and she learnt to handle the snake and that has helped her handle the 3 of us 'snakes' on the core team very well". :)

I love these conferences and I love being able to use my organisational skills to help make them run smoothly, and it is really amazing how everything always seems to work out well. I have been helping with these conferences since I turned up early for one to sight see in Budapest and then got roped into helping as the person who was meant to be helping got sick... I have learnt such a lot about event management and organising things well through this, and so enjoy it, but I am kind of glad that the next one is only next year!! But it will be the big one for all of our staff - so over 200 people! Can't wait! 

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