Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Danish do Banja Luka

We were visited by a crazy team from Denmark who came by bus/train for a couple of days here to check us out. I think it worked out that they travelled as much as they were actually here. Luckily for them, the weather played along (we have been having an incredible October after a miserable September) and they really enjoyed the SUN that we had all week. 

Here I am with them: Jonas, Christer, Bjorn, Camilla, Christina and AnneMarie. They were super fun and enthusiastic about everything... I took them the first day to have pita/burek (Bosnian pie) and ćevapi and they were so excited to have typical Bosnian food!
While they were here, it wasn't all play and no work... We had a great Danish Evening: 
 Christer explaining (with Mihajlo translating) about the Danish flag:
 We learnt about the important concept of hygge, and how to do it for ourselves:
Then it was time for a taste test... here they are trying Danish salty licorice... you can see from their reactions how much they liked it!
While I was trying to get paperwork together for my visa, they took themselves on a hike to a place overlooking Banja Luka and prayed over the city:
And I put them to work sorting out our craft supplies as I got a whole lot of stuff at the Brela Women's Conference: (and Christer is behind the door changing the light switch as he is actually an electrician!) The others are downstairs sorting out another storage room, but I didn't get a pic of that...
We also went to the children's home with them to help out at book club: and a pic as proof that Christina got right in there:
We have realised that our reading club activities last about 1/2 hour. And then we need something else. The team was the "something else" this week! They shared about Denmark and then it was onto the fun stuff... Here are some of the kids trying the salty licorice... the rest of them got a go later. Not many enjoyed it - it is definitely an acquired taste!
They also entertained us with a play about making good choices about how to react. Very cute, and with a good message!
 At the end they taught us a song and dance with chicken movements...
 Afterwards, they entertained in other ways and eventually we had to drag them away so the kids could go to bed! The kids and the team didn't want them to leave!! Next time they will have to stay longer and go a few more times!
On their last day we went out to have some more traditional food:
 It really was fun having them, and hopefully they will come back again soon! 

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