Friday, October 13, 2017

8th year of Book Club!

So, I have about 25 faithful volunteers already, but it is always good to have a few more, so I put out the word about needing volunteers, thinking I would get 10,12 new volunteers. We ended up getting 35 NEW volunteers. To say that I was a bit overwhelmed is an understatement, but it is a good thing to be overwhelmed by! It is always so hard to say "no" to someone who wants to volunteer, as they may be the best volunteer we ever had... but usually after a while people realise that it isn't as easy or fun as they thought, and so we end up with about the right amount of volunteers, so it all works out in the end!

I had a couple of meetings with them to sort out the paperwork - they have to sign our Child Protection Policy and then every year we have a volunteer contract and they get their hours collected in their "Volunteer book". It is quite a lot of admin, but it is worth it as it gives them the ability to use their volunteer hours when looking for a job! Here we are at one of the meetings: 
Then it was time for the first book club. And of course we had more volunteers (38) than kids (35) - but it was still fun! And I took a microphone/speaker combination along and it was amazing! I can't believe I didn't think of it before now!!! 
We brought books from the library for the kids and so they didn't have anything they could work from, and so one of the volunteers read a story by Branko Copic (using the microphone!) and we all worked from that. It worked really well! I also found some great activity books which we will be using with them - on ecology, manners, working with manners, etc. So we worked on one of those worksheets as well. With all the volunteers and the microphone, it was probably the best Book Club ever! After 7 years, I have finally got it right! Long may it continue!!  

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