Monday, September 25, 2017

Three workshops in one weekend...

This past weekend, we held three workshops for our sponsorship children and parents. On Saturday, the older kids (now teenagers) were treated to a workshop by our friend Dijana on peer violence which was very well received.
Dijana talking with one of the groups:
Discussing what is bullying and what is just friendly joking...
Then it was time to work on Christmas cards for their Finnish sponsors... we gave them a lot of different things that they could use:
And as you can see, they all worked hard to make a nice card for their sponsor!
On Sunday, it was time for the younger kids to make their cards...
We have a lot of new volunteers who have joined us, and it was so great to see them in action with the kids:
 And the kids really enjoyed making the cards!
We did have time for one selfie so you can see us all:
While this was going on upstairs in the classroom, the parents were downstairs having their own workshop on business ideas, and hopefully we will be able to help some of them realise them.
At the end there was time for a great group photo of the kids and volunteers:
And that is how you do 3 workshops in one weekend! 
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