Saturday, August 26, 2017

Ukraine | LTS Europe Module 5

For the last of the 5 modules of the Leadership Training school, we headed for Kyiv, Ukraine. I got there a day earlier because of flights. We were put in hostels around the city, and luckily at my hostel there were already some people who arrived early too, so we spent the day hanging out in the city: Me with Neil, Gunhild, Johan, Suzanne and Courtney:
It was great to see some of the sights: main square - Maidan Nezalezhnosti
St Michael's
St Andrew's
We spent the week having fantastic teaching from Ina Snyman, and others on the staff. We also had presentations of our final projects (which we did between module 4 and 5). And then it was time for graduation: After being 35degrees C all week, it fell to 18 on the day of graduation, so my planned dress didn't happen... warmth wins over style! (and yes I am in the front row on the right!) This is most of the participants and staff - over 100 of us!
The best part of this whole leadership training school has been the relationships... and we did have some time to hang out . There was a Swiss bakery down the road from the YWAM base where the training was held, and it was nice to get away for a bit each afternoon (the days were long -as we were commuting, we were gone from the hostel from 7am until 10pm). Here I am with Dale and Cynthia on out last day. 
It was great to be able to hang out with people from all over Europe, but here are (most of) the people who are in Central Europe: from Greece to Hungary to Romania! Such a fun bunch! 
As I said, we were scattered around in hostels, and there were 22 people in ours. We had fun in the mornings and evenings trying to get all of us showered in the 2 showers after 10pm and before 7am... but we managed. And we also had a moment of bonding when the lift decided to get stuck on the first morning (it may have been the fact that we were 11 and it was made for 10...). Luckily the handyman came quickly and freed us under 1/2 an hour... but still we were very, very careful after that to not overfill the lifts!  
We also had one whole evening to hang out on a boat ride on the Dnieper river through Kyiv. The best part for me was when we went through a huge lock to get into a higher part of the river. I was just as excited as the kids to see how it all works! 
After we got off the boat we went downtown... we were a big group and it got unmanageable, so we decided to split up... Siril, Cynthia and Krystal wanted to stick with me as they think I am awesome... or maybe it was because they knew I could get them back to the hostel ;) Here we are going down into the metro which is the deepest in the world! (I was wondering why it had such long escalators!) 
We had fun hanging out at the main square, which was getting ready for independence day in a couple of days... so it looked a little different even from the week before.
And the fountains turned out to be a music and light show... so we took a seat (and some food) at the McDonalds (I know, I know) and enjoyed the show...
As always it is hardest when something comes to an end... and it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to so many quality people. This was the first time that this leadership training has been done in module format, and it worked so well it looks like it will be done again elsewhere! In the meantime, we will have a module per year somewhere in Europe, so people who did this school can renew relationships, and also have more input, and we are all excited that even though it has ended for now, there is still a "next time". So, until next time... 

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