Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer mini day "camp"

After I got back from the Ukraine on Thursday night late, Ljilja and I had Friday to organise for our one day "camp" on Saturday. We had enough volunteers wanting to help, but at the last minute had to do some reorganising of who was doing what, but it all worked out! And the volunteers did a wonderful job!

We started altogether with a rowdy game of Simon Says (hands up!):
And then using a hat Mom got when she was here to protect her from the sun, we played musical hats:
 So cute! Youngest partipant:
While the children were having fun at their "camp", our friend Gaga had a session with the parents to help them to prepare for their kids going back to school...
And it looks as if they had a good time as well: 
While that was going on downstairs, we were dividing into 3 groups which rotated through three different workshops: one was English with me: 
The second was also a "going back to school" lesson on being safe in traffic: Our volunteer, Dragica did a good job of leading them through the different activities. Group 1 watching the video:
 Group 2 answering the questions:
Group 3 doing the worksheet:
They also had a fun game at the end (if they were good!) where they had 1 minute to take out as many sweets as they could with chopsticks:
 Sometimes help is allowed, right??
The third workshop is something Ljilja and I recently picked up in Ikea in Zagreb - Hama beads - and they were a hit!
 Even the boys enjoyed it!
They had fun putting the beads on the templates and then our wonderful volunteers ironed them all like crazy so they would be ready to take home...
Even the volunteers got to have a go: Adelisa is one of the kids who has been in the project for 10 years already, and now is helping us with the younger kids:
Here she is with her finished designs:
And below are Sofija and Vidoslav showing off their designs: (and enjoying the snack at the end of the camp - the best "kifle" in Banja Luka are from the bakery down the road!)
Then it was time for the wonderful volunteers to clean up after a job well done (or hang out for a little while longer before going home for a well deserved rest 😊)
As you can see, our kids and volunteers and parents all learnt something while having fun: job well done! 

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