Saturday, August 05, 2017

Italy/Slovenia trip

As I have some friends who rent out their house on the beach in Italy for a reasonable rate, Ljilja, Sina and I decided to go this year to Italy for our vacation. We worked out this is the 9th holiday we have taken together (7 years in a row in the summer and 2 times to South Africa!) For our jubilee 10th one, they are trying to get me to go to Morocco - we will see!

We started off in Tuscany. It was so beautiful there... just like in the paintings :)

 We saw some of the cities there too - here Sina and I are in Siena.
We then went to Francavilla al Mare, near Pescara, on the east coast of Italy. We soon discovered that this is where Italians go on holiday and we did not see many other foreign tourists. And we loved it for that reason! Here is some of the typical "fast food" pizza which was delicious!
The beach was long and sandy and there really weren't that many people... and I spent a lot of time in the water!!! The other two enjoyed the beach - Ljilja catching her tan, and Sina reading her book :)

We took one day to go to Rome... and the Vatican:
 And we managed to pack in quite a lot of things... the Spanish steps:
 Trevi Fountain:
Piazza Venecia:
The Pantheon:
And the Colosseum:
But the highlight of the day was when we tried to get into St Peter's Basilica and they wouldn't let Sina in as her shorts were too short (you have to cover your upper thighs and your shoulders). Ljilja tried to show them other people with short shorts and he wasn't having any of it "there are other entrances, you can try them, but you are not coming through here"... until Ljilja had a brainwave: Sina had two tops on, as the top one was a bit see-through, but pulling the vest underneath down made a lovely skirt and we got two thumbs-up from the previously grumpy guard: Here we are celebrating our victory: Luckily Sina could carry it off!!
We left the beach and headed to San Marino...
Where we enjoyed the lovely little country (the 3rd smallest in the world, after the Vatican and Monaco) and especially the fact that they have a series lifts up from the carparks at the bottom of the hill all the way up to the old town at the top (where you are on your own... but saving 20 flights of stairs made me very happy!)
We then went to Slovenia on the way back and enjoyed some walking in the mountains and some thermal baths  (yes we know how to do a holiday right!). Here is the lovely Bohinj lake:
We also stopped in Ljubljana to see some YWAMers there, but of course I forgot to get a picture of that... oh well.

All in all, as you can see, it was a fantastic and varied holiday. We did drive a LOT, but it was worth it! And here's to our next holiday/adventure wherever it may be... 

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