Wednesday, May 17, 2017

English Classes

I am running two sets of English classes at the moment - with adults doing conversation (but that is no fun to take pictures of, although we do have a good time!) and with children. The children are cuter to take pictures of, so here you are:
There are about 20 kids and 4 volunteers, and each volunteer then works with a table group. We do games, exercises, colouring in, etc all around the tables. 
In the middle we have time to have some games and things altogether: Here is my little parachute which was a gift from a team - and we put it to good use. It is great for learning colours, numbers, instructions (up, down, round, etc). We also do other games and songs and just have a great time before heading back to our tables to carry on. 
Meanwhile the parents are kept busy with their own workshops - this one was on what behaviours should we allow children to get away with and which shouldn't ever be allowed... 
I have fun with both my classes, and seeing how the kids and the adults improve with each class is so rewarding!!

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