Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bosnian Evening 2017

When I am in South Africa, I like to share a little bit of Bosnian food and culture (and talk a bit about what I am doing there) and this year was no different! On the 18th of February, we held the 9th Bosnian evening at my home church, Claremont Methodist.

This year I decided to make "Ćevapi"  (pronounced "chevapi")... They are skinless sausages and in Bosnia you just get them in a restaurant or buy them at the butcher to fry yourself, so making them from scratch was a bit of a challenge, but the Bosnians that came along to the evening said they were amazing! (so I obviously got it right!).

There was a great turnout of people: My official photographer, Keren, did a great job and got pictures of all of the tables so you can see them all. It was a mixture of church members, old friends, family and as I have already mentioned, Bosnians that live in Cape Town.

To kick off the evening, we had a great "sampler" plated by our great kitchen team: The little pita breads filled with ćevapi and šopska salad (made by my friend Kristi and I the day before). They did get more ćevapi later on!
I mixed the ćevapi meat mixture over two days to make sure it was all mixed well and the flavours blended together and then I spent the Saturday morning rolling the ćevapi with the aid of a ziplock bag like in this video... They were ably cooked on the night by my chefs Dave and Nils and yes, there were a lot, I may have over-catered! (or actually been a typical Bosnian, haha)
 Pat also helped cook, but I didn't get a pic of him, so here he is with his ultra-cute daughter Rose:
 Rose (pictured here with her mom, Tina) also enjoyed looking at all of my photo books:
As did other people, including my cousin's children (well at least one of them did!)
After eating our fill, it was time for me to do some sharing of what I do in Bosnia Herzegovina:
After the presentation, we all learnt to sing a song in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian (it is "What a mighty God we serve"). It isn't often that you can learn to sing in 3 languages :)
Then it was time for the kitchen team (aka Mom and her Home group - thanks guys!) to swing into action for the desserts (all made by people from my church!!)
There are actually only two recipes represented here, but everyone made them a little differently :) And they were all YUMMY!!
Before the end of the evening, we had the Quiz, which was great fun. I didn't get a pic of the winning team (there were actually 4 who got all the questions right - I may have made the quiz a little easy! - so we had to do a tie-breaker question). I did get a pic of all the people who were there who are in my support group: They get together and pray for me once a month - there are a few people who are missing, and I am really blessed by all of them!!
As you can see it was a great evening and everyone had a wonderful time :) Thanks to everyone who made this evening possible!! 

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