Saturday, December 17, 2016

First two Christmas performances...

We have two groups of kids who have been rehearsing since November our Christmas play "Uncle John and the Best Present in the World". I wrote it on the train on the way to Budapest in November and then had a couple of people help tweak it and the language. And it is so wonderful seeing it come to life!! We had two pre-performances at other places so that both groups of kids could get over their nerves and they did a great job of performing in the two different places:

On Monday we went to the Children's Home. Here are our lovely actors: Bojan, his sister, Snjeza, Milica, Bojana and Adelisa (this group are all children from our sponsorship project).
Here they are in action: They did a great job!

The only complaint from the Children's Home's kids was that it was too short!!

On Friday, it was the turn of the other group to perform for a group of children with special needs.  We were in the beautiful Jewish Centre in Banja Luka as one of the people who runs the organisation for children with special needs is also part of the Jewish Centre's board... It is a lovely place and we enjoyed performing there...
The actors are from left to right - Marko, his cousin, Lena, his sister, Marija, Anastasija and David. You can't see Lena's mother and Marko and Marija's aunt, Snjezana, who did a fantastic job as our narrator! This group is mostly kids of our friends who were really wanting to be involved in the plays :)
The actors did a wonderful job and the kids and their parents loved the performance! Afterwards the organisation had organised a "Deda Mraz" (Father Christmas/Santa Claus) to hand out the Christmas packages... and the kids and the parents loved it!

This little guy's mustache on his dummy/pacifier is sooo cute:
These two had us all in stitches... singing "Zvoncici" (Jingle Bells) all the way through...
And this boy even managed to make Santa Clause laugh!!:
We had a great time at our first two pre-performances and now look forward to the rest of the performances at our place :) 

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Victor said...

Looks wonderful! By the way how do you have time to do everything you do and write so much (as well as read so much)? I'm watching the video now.

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