Sunday, November 27, 2016

Team Building in Budapest

On my way back from Norway, I went to Budapest for a team-building time with the YWAM Central European Leadership team. Since we formed in July, we have been meeting online on Skype, but we hadn't had any time together in the same place. We spent 3 days getting to know each other and how we can work together well. We were in meetings most of the day, but we did have one hour long "escape room" where we had to work out how to get out of the room. It was a medieval themed room, so we got to take some fun photos afterwards: (back row are Arlen and Jason, both from the US, Arlen lives in Romania and Jason in Hungary. Alket is from Albania, then me and Yohanan, who is from the US and Florin from Romania). Yes, it is me and 5 guys... we definitely need some more females on the team!
We do have at least one female advisor: Helga Nuernberger from Romania (originally from Germany) who is one of our "elders" (so not part of the actual team, but gives advice as needed). She joined us for some of the team-building time - see below photo. And Stephe Meyers came from Spain (he is the former leader for YWAM Europe) to run the team-building time. They joined us for the escape room, but just observed how we did things together and made comments afterwards...
It was long days, and tiring after long days also in Norway, but as I said to someone today, I am physically exhausted, but my soul is completely filled to overflowing! 

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