Thursday, November 03, 2016

Book Club - bigger than ever!

We started a few weeks ago, but I only remembered to get pictures tonight... So you can see how many people we have involved in the book club at the Children's Home. We now have almost 40 kids and about that many volunteers, so we are definitely the biggest we have ever been!
With so many volunteers, it actually works really well as we manage to calm the kids down and get things done, but it is still loud and crazy and so much fun!!
We actually have so many volunteers now that I have had to start turning people away which is a positive problem to have! 
We work through worksheets which help them to process what they have read in the books. Tonight we were working on a worksheet called "Svidjelo se, Ne Svidjelo se" (I like... I don't like) so they can say which parts of the book they like and which parts they don't like... these guys all had joke books (a big favourite!) and so on the "don't like" they said "NOTHING" :) 
I wanted to take more photos, but things are always crazy, so you will have to make do with these :) 

1 comment:

Victor said...

Love that many disliked nothing!

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