Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wonderful team from the UK!

I met Les and Pam from the UK when I came on a short-term trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1999. They were also here on a short-term trip and we stayed in touch all this time. Pam started bringing teams from the UK to do "pampering" 12 years ago, but they had never been to Banja Luka. When I was in England in February, I stopped off to see her for lunch, and I encouraged her to think about bringing the team to Banja Luka... and in the end they did!

Here are Ljilja and I with the team of 4 - Nicky, Nicola, Wendy and Pam:
For 3 nights we had "pampering" for mothers of the children in our projects, our friends and our wonderful volunteers. It was hard to explain to everyone what the "pampering" is as when you translate the word in google translate it comes up as "cuddling" :) So here is what "pampering" consists of: Manicures:
And handicrafts (where we could just hang out and be creative!):
We also had fun with some photo booth items: Here are the ladies from the 3 nights: As you can see we had a good time!!
They really treated us so well, we were soooo blessed! So, I showed them a good time in between the pampering - showing them around Banja Luka, including taking them to Cafe Rene (which is based on the TV show "'Allo 'Allo") :
I also took them to the working watermills and waterfalls at Krupa na Vrbas, which they loved!
After a great week it was sad to see them go again... but I can comfort myself in the knowledge that they plan to come again in the future! 


Victor said...

Hmmm, very cool. I don't know Allo Allo. Where is that a TV show? Also funny that pampering becomes cuddling. Is there even a culture of massage in Bosnia?

Belinda Chaplin said...

It is a British show based in the second world war - really funny. Hence me taking the British team to see the cafe! Here is a clip...

Massage is becoming more and more popular here. It is pretty reasonable too :)

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