Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fun afternoon

One of my local volunteers met a couple of travelling actors who do their act in pre-schools and for children's parties. They were interested in doing something at the children's home and so the volunteer contacted me to see if we could work something out. I made a phone call to my contact in the home, and it was all arranged...

I came along just to make sure everything went well, and it was fantastic! The little and big kids alike loved the show which lasted just over 1/2 an hour.  There were fun jokes, some magic tricks, and they kept us all laughing from start to finish!
The two clowns became different characters as the story went along. It was all about playing outside and enjoying time with your friends (rather than being on a computer all day!)
After the play was over we had a dance party with the clowns and as you can see, the kids loved it!
I am so glad that this "accidental" meeting with my volunteer meant that the kids got to have a fun afternoon, giving them something to do on what otherwise would be a long boring Saturday afternoon! Thank-you especially to the clowns - you were amazing!  

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