Saturday, June 18, 2016

Two sisters came to visit...

And they happen to be my Mom and Aunt :) After our family reunion in Poland, my Mom, aunt Jan, cousin Lauren and I flew to Budapest where we spent an extra day to see the city before Mom, Jan and I carried on for Banja Luka (while Lauren went to visit friends in Switzerland).

Budapest was great - Mom and I went to the baths:

And we saw some of the sights, including Heroe's Square:

 - and we took a bus to see the city from up on the Buda side:

But our favourite thing was the boats on the Danube. They were also included in the travel card we had which lasted 24 hours, and so we just cruised up and down for over two hours... Here is the Parliament from the boat:

We then travelled by train, bus and car to Banja Luka (the plan was to go by car, but my car broke down on the way to Hungary and had to get towed to Banja Luka - it is fixed now, but it wasn't in Budapest to travel back with... so we had to make an alternative plan, but it all worked out OK).

Here are the sisters enjoying their ice creams in downtown Banja Luka:)

And enjoying Bosnian pita with my friend and former colleague, Mary, who was visiting at the same time:

We also went to the Children's Home for the last night of the Book Club and we had a great time with the kids and the photo booth: Mom and Jan got into it too!

We went to Krupa Falls about 1/2 an hour from Banja Luka - so pretty:

There we enjoyed the fish at the fish restaurant (but as Mom is allergic to fish she had the other option: savoury doughnuts, served with meat and cheese). The fish is trout from the fish farm across the road from the restaurant, and they go get it when you order, so it is VERY fresh. Yummy!

Then it was time for one of the sisters to leave... so we drove her (and Mary) to Zagreb to fly out. But not before we got to see some of the sights - here in front of the Cathedral:

Mom stayed on another week which was great. We had a great week, catching up with lots of people, including my ex-colleagues from Finland, Suvi and Henri, who were visiting:

We travelled down for one night to Sarajevo with Ljilja, where we met up with my YWAM colleagues, Kip and Erica and their kids, Caleb and Anna Kate.

Mom also enjoyed seeing Sarajevo again - she was there in 2002 when I lived in Zenica, and a LOT has changed and been rebuilt. Here she is in the iconic Sarajevo shot: in front of the water fountain:

Besides catching up with a lot of people, before she left to go to my sister in Oxford, Mom also had time to have her hair done (pictured with our hairdresser, Tanja) and complete a puzzle:

As always, it was fun having her here, and really hard to see her go, but I will see her again when I go to South Africa in December, so it wasn't goodbye, but see you soon!

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