Thursday, April 21, 2016

Living as a Royal subject

Today is the Queen's actual 90th birthday and in wishing her on twitter and Facebook, I looked back at the day I became British and saw it was 6 years and 4 days ago... how time flies when you have a British Passport!!

When I applied for citizenship, it was just so I could get the passport, because the South African passport needs a visa for every surrounding country to Bosnia - so even to drive 45 minutes north of Banja Luka, I needed a visa for Croatia. So it really made sense (and still does, I praise the Lord at every border I go through where I would have once needed a visa) to get the citizenship so I could get the passport.
Along the way I discovered two things: the first being that I didn't even need to apply to South Africa to keep my citizenship (which you normally would do when you acquire a second one), because according to them, I was actually British at birth. I just didn't know it! The second was that I didn't expect it to be quite so meaningful to me to swear allegiance to the Queen. I kind of thought it was just part of the process, but when I came to do it, I was actually really moved by the seriousness of the oath and the big step I was taking to align myself to her service.

My brother doesn't believe that there should be a monarchy - that it is a waste of money, but it turns out that I am quite a little monarchist, loyal to my Queen and proud of the fact that I am counted as one of her royal subjects. I guess it helps that she is clearly a believer and takes her role as God's representative seriously.

I realised after I became a royal subject to Her Majesty the Queen that there were some important parallels in my life as a believer. I was born into the United Kingdom, but just didn't know - but I still had to swear allegiance to the one on the throne - in this case, the Queen - to actually get all the privileges that come with being British (the passport, etc). And it is the same with the Kingdom of God. We are all born into it without even knowing, and we have to swear allegiance to the one on the throne - the King of Kings - in order to get all that comes with being part of the Kingdom. You can believe in God and not be part of His Kingdom but you cannot get all the privileges, unless you actually take the step to become a royal subject...

I love this parallel as it taught me so much about the Kingdom and how it works out here on this earth - not just when we get to heaven. And now, please join me as we wish Her Majesty a happy 90th birthday! God save the Queen! 


Victor said...

What are the privileges that subjects get of the divine kingdom that other subjects don't receive?

Belinda Chaplin said...

We have a King who is always available and answers our prayers. He protects us from our enemy. He guides us and gives us His Holy Spirit - who fills us with joy and peace and love and other fruit and gifts us with different gifts, shares Godly wisdom with us and shows us how to live our lives worthy of the Kingdom. There is so much more, but it is all way better than just a passport :) And people who haven't submitted to the King don't have these privileges!

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