Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

We went today to spend some time with the children who are still at the home - it is the Easter school holiday this week, so many of them have either gone home or to family to celebrate Easter. Yes, it is Orthodox Easter on the 1st of May... a big difference this year between Catholic/Protestant Easter and Orthodox. (why the difference? - see this link)

I of course forgot to get pictures of the kids while we working, but here are the finished projects. We "painted" eggs and made chickens (the wings are cut outs of their hands!). The one of the left says "Christ is Risen" and on the right is "He is Risen indeed"... And I think they turned out pretty well!
As there were not that many kids, I took along 12 masks that I bought on special ages ago in South Africa - there has never been a time to use them, as I only had 12. Even there were more than 12 kids with us, I decided to give it a try. I was kind of worried that someone would be disappointed when they didn't get one, but it worked out really well: only 12 wanted to do the masks! So it was a real win! YAY! Here are 10 of them with me: (see if you can spot N. in the middle who clearly doesn't like having her photo taken - usually she is a very happy smiley child!)
The kids enjoyed having something fun to do on a rainy afternoon, and we enjoyed bringing a little Easter joy into their lives to help them remember that Christ is Risen INDEED! 

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