Wednesday, March 02, 2016

travelling girl...

I needed to go to Italy for a conference, and to Budapest for meetings... and I discovered that it would work out cheaper to go via the UK to Italy and then onto Budapest, and it happened to be the half term holiday that week, so I combined the trip to see my sister's family and some other friends in the UK. I don't have pics of everyone or everything, but hopefully the ones I do have will help you enjoy the trip along with me...

I started in Oxford... and had a great time with my sister, brother-in-law and their two kids... that is despite the fact that my wallet was stolen the first day (from my bag while I was in a charity shop)... The most annoying part is not the money or cards, which are easily replaced, but the South African driver's license - which is not as easy to get a new one from overseas... but luckily my mom found out that she could apply on my behalf as long as I got a bunch of stuff together, which I managed to do while in the UK.

Besides hanging out with family (and helping them get a hamster!). I got to do some wondering around the dreaming spires of the city. Here is Amy on the Bodleian library steps:
We also wondered through the University Gardens on the way to and from the city... and got the only photo of us together on one of the cute bridges: 
And Amy got this super shot of one of the first snow-bells :) spring is in the air!
I then travelled to Stoke-on-Trent to visit my friends Trevor and Carol and their kids, my godson Christopher and Anna. We had a great time hanging out (and running around getting things done to send to my mom to apply for a new driver's license!).
Then it was time to fly to Milan for the YWAM Western (and Central) European Leadership Gathering. We were mostly in meetings all day, but we had one afternoon where we got to see more of the city...
The square where Constantine declared that Christianity was the official religion of the Roman Empire:
We had some lovely gelato at the Duomo Cathedral square and I decided to go for the arty pic:
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele with some cool guys: Rune from Norway working in Romania, Jarod from Canada working in Croatia and Luke from the US working in Czech...
Sunset over the canals... so lovely :)
And yes, there was conference: Here is the main speaker Neil Cole: I didn't get any other pics, but there were other speakers, break-out groups and lots of meetings over dinner, breakfast and lunch! We started at 7am for breakfast, and got back to the hostel at 10pm each night, so long days, but lots of good connections and great input makes it all worthwhile.
After Milan it was time for Budapest. We had two full days of meetings, but I did get to hang out with my Swiss friend, Heidi, on the weekend and we even got to have fondue!! 
And of course I didn't get any other pics in Budapest either :(

After almost 3 weeks on the road, it is really nice to be home again!!
(oh and my mom got the stuff for my driver's license and already handed it all in - and so now it is just 4-6 weeks and then getting it here before I will be able to drive again... note to self: next time don't carry it in the wallet!)


Gill D'achada said...

Awesome. thanks for sharing..its so good to be able to stay in touch this way

Belinda Chaplin said...

:) Thanks Gill!

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