Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Good excuse for a little triplet...

Our friend, Sina, visited us for 3 weeks in April as part of her work with Fida International. She was actually here to work, but once again we used her as an excuse to take an overnight trip last weekend and enjoy the beauty of Bosnia. We took a trip to Vitez, to a lovely Ethno Village - where we enjoyed the lovely little houses around a little lake:
Sina and Ljilja with the picturesque background:
This was the one we stayed in - Danica:
This was the view from the restaurant where we had our breakfast: Ljilja waited for ages to catch the swan :)
I was able to save myself from this giant fish...
In time to go and enjoy the lovely spa, so relaxing!
Then it was already time to leave - there was a Bosnian traffic jam on the way home:
We also took time to enjoy the lovely views along the way...

So beautiful!
And before Sina went back to Kosovo, she made us some "pulla" - a kind of Finnish cinnamon roll: soooooo yummy!
As usual it was nice having her to stay, and it is always good to have an excuse to have a little getaway - and to enjoy the beauty of Bosnia!

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