Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas plays...and shoebox packages!!

We are in the throws of Samaritan's Purse shoebox package distribution - the packages arrived on Wednesday from the UK, just in time!! We have two groups of kids who are doing the play for us. We had our preview of our drama at the Children's home and on Saturday it was time to have the it at our place, with a Castle and everything!
It was the same group as on Thursday at the children's home. Sunday is the turn of the other group... They did really, really well. I was very proud of them!
Here you can see our clever trick which I have to tell you about otherwise you wouldn't... Below the Jester is explaining about how the baby in the Christmas card is actually the biggest present for Christmas and all about what He has done for us. It was a LOT of text to learn, so we put it on the back of the Christmas card so they have a reminder (they mostly know it!) and can say it all without leaving anything out... She just looks like she is holding it up for the audience to see :)
After the play we sang (along with the crowd!). This song is all about how we are precious:
Then it was time for us to watch a couple of videos from Samaritan's Purse showing how the packages are packed by individuals and sent to us and all over the world. Dragana is explaining the films:
Then we explained a bit more about the most precious gift of all: the one who came to earth as a baby who is actually the King of all! But after that the best part - shoebox packages!
I don't think they knew what was going on, but they are super sweet :) And the packages are almost bigger than they are!
This little guy understands!!Love that smile!
This was the first group: new kids in our sponsorship project:
And then we did it all again in the afternoon for the second group: older kids in our sponsorship project (and our actors got along with this group as well!)
I think even though it was a long day, it was definitely worth it to bring sooooo much joy to soooo many kids... And the fun continues... sometimes I really love my job!


Jael Puusaag said...

fantastic job!! where can we find the videos about how the packages are being packed?

Belinda Chaplin said...

you can find them on the samaritan's purse website and download them - we show the video "Good News Great Joy" with the sound low and then explain a bit along the way about how the packages are packed by individuals, sent to big packaging plants which are run by volunteers and then sent out all over the world. It is great for them to see that they are part of a project that is all over, not just here in Bosnia. It is also good for them to know that each package is different as they are packed individually... :)

Victor said...

Super cool. I always love to see it. Part II and the second cast! Thanks for sharing. :D

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