Friday, October 16, 2015

Mom in Banja Luka (& Zagreb)

I didn't get any pics of Mom at our Book Clubs which she came along to very diligently with me. We have one in English (where we are reading through a shortened version of "The Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom) and of course the one at the Children's Home. However, to make up for it, I have some pics of our "visiting people" activities:

Visiting Tanja (and her daughter Ana about to go to afternoon shift in school): 
Visiting Dragana and her crazy wonderful family: her Mom and Dad and nephew Sergej all gave us lots of laughs :)
At the other Tanja's with Snjeza and Boki
 Here is a pic with Mom from 5 years ago - look how they have grown!! Mom is still the same!
And another blast from the past we managed to fit in when we went to Zagreb (where Mom flew from) was Ivana. She used to live in Banja Luka and Mom met her then. It really was great to see her again, as the last time we organised our schedules to make it happen was 2010!
I love the fact that people enjoy seeing Mom almost as much as I do. It was soooo great to have her come again and be a part of my world here. Can't wait until next time!

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Victor said...

I love Mom visits!! :-)

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