Thursday, August 13, 2015

Team from the US

This past week we were blessed with a wonderful team of 3 ladies in their 70s from Seattle. We did some fun things with them - hanging out with ladies on Sunday, making necklaces and boxes. It was really fun! We also went with them to the children's home where they made bracelets and some pretty butterflies. It was also great fun! But you will just have to imagine what that all looked like as I don't have any pictures :(

On their last night, we had a little workshop with our some of our sponsorship girls. Put in teams of 3, they were challenged to make straw towers which could hold weight. Here they all are (with Judith, Linda and Sherry on the left-middle) with their towers.
Here is the winning team showing off how their creation can hold 7 books:
We learnt a couple of things from this: you need a good foundation to be able to hold more weight, and working in teams can be fun! Afterwards we also made bracelets, and the girls all really enjoyed themselves!

I did show them a little bit of the area by taking them for fresh trout in Krupa na Vrbas (it is so fresh - they go to the fish farm across the road and get the fish only when you order it!). They loved the watermills there and it was a really fun day outing despite the heat. Unfortunately, they also got a real Bosnian experience on their trip to Sarajevo when they left - the bus that showed up for 20 tickets sold was a little 20-seater kombi/van...luckily there was space for their luggage!! 

They go on to travel around Bosnia and Herzegovina for another two weeks - showing us all that being over 70 doesn't mean you have to stay home and do nothing!!   

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