Friday, August 07, 2015

First Estonian team in Bosnia!

It was so great to host a team of 11 Estonians - the first team ever to Bosnia from Estonia! It was so funny for me as they really reminded me of Finnish people in their discipline and politeness (and it didn't help that their language sounds so similar!). If you don't know where Estonia is, it is one of the Baltic nations, and across the gulf of Finland from Finland, so pretty far north! 

Here they are, (with Tanja and two other volunteers, Nina and Andjela - with Estonian flags on their cheeks!), in all their glory - the two leaders were my friend, Helina, in blue in the front and (my new friend) Liis with her mouth open in front... that says it all really! So much fun!
We started off with an Estonian evening - here is an arty shot through the flag (thanks to Liis and Helina for the photos!)
There was lots of food including black bread and fish: not my favourite... but luckily there were lots of other goodies...
They had little "booths" like in an expo where they explained different aspects of Estonian culture, history, sport, music, etc... and in the end there was a quiz... followed by dancing! Everyone had a great time!
Here they are listening to the Estonian national anthem:
I didn't get a picture of the dancing at the end at the cultural evening, but you can see below where we are trying it out at the children's home. We went a couple of times with them - doing a bit of a run down on Estonian culture (including the dancing!)
And playing lots of fun games: including pop everyone else's balloon while saving yours :)
Once we were tired of the games, there was time for face (or body) painting...
Putting in hair accessories:
 And making bracelets...
And generally hanging out and enjoying new friends. It was so much fun!

As usual it was sad to see them go, but it was fun having them and being part of hosting this historic team!

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