Tuesday, July 28, 2015


So one thing I like having is visitors... really. I do. I love it even more when they are FUN visitors... and in the last two weeks that is what I got. Yay!

First, Hannes and Doris (from Germany and Switzerland) came for a "member care" visit. They are YWAM Central Europe's member care people so part of their job is to come alongside those of us in far flung places and make sure we are doing alright. They left their two kids behind and came to visit Kip and Erica in Sarajevo and then on to me. I told them to bring their swimsuits as the forecast was or 40 on the day they were here - so we went to the pool and did member care in the pool! Great idea! They were many years in Albania, so they really come from a place of understanding some of the things that we as foreigners do go through living in a cross-cultural situation, so it was great to have a chance to just process and chat with people who understand!!

They did get a chance to come with me and the InterVarsity team to the children's home as that was scheduled on the day they arrived. I know they had a good time seeing a little bit more of what I do. I did take them around and show them the sights (in the early morning and late evening) and we had a wonderful time... do you think I got a photo of them while they were here? NO! So here is a random one I got off their facebook, ha ha! They are supersweet as you can see from the photo:
My next set of visitors who decided to pop by this summer were Andrew and Lydia (from Texas and Wales) who live in Serbia.  They are newlyweds and just good fun to have around. Again, 40deg weather me meant we went to the pool on the first day, which I don't think they were too unhappy about :) They were here for two days, so on the second day with a forecast for afternoon thundershowers (which came and cooled things down after a month of plus 35!) we decided to go on a drive to Krupa na Vrbasu. I have been with many people there over the years - including last year with Tanja (and her family) who had never been before. I took Andrew and Lydia as they have this great trout restaurant which gets the fish from the fish farm across the road... so you order and they go and get the fish out of the basin: what you eat was alive less than 1/2 hour before! So great!

Again, I didn't get a photo of the two of them: but here is a lovely photo of them from the Facebook:
We also had a great time playing some games and just catching up. However, it wasn't all play and no work - we are talking about running a Discipleship Training School in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia and so these two are visiting all of us in our locations to talk about this school and what we can each commit to it. It is only set for 2017, but we are already recruiting if anyone in YWAM is interested in being on staff! I also discovered a fellow voracious reader in Andrew, so he was in awe of my books (I have collected a few over the years - as people leave they leave them with me, or people have brought them for me and one time I brought 15kgs of just books from the UK!) and left with about 30 of them on loan... he was sooo happy!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed having these visitors... anyone else want to pop over??

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