Saturday, June 13, 2015

Outings with the Children's Home kids...

As the school year comes to a close we usually take the children from the Book Club on some sort of outing... and this year we had teams to go along with us, what fun!

About a month ago, we took the older kids up the hill to Tresnjik (which is a lovely picnic area above Banja Luka). It is a good hour and a bit walk up the hill and then about that to get back down, so part of the outing was actually the walk, but we did spend about 2 hours at the top. The YWAM Biarritz team came along and helped us out with games and fun stuff and along with some local volunteers, it made for a great afternoon. I don't have any pictures to use of that outing as they all have the kids' faces in them, so you will just have to imagine it :)

This past Sunday the YWAM Davos team came along with us to the nearby Ethnic Village/Outdoor living museum in Ljubacevo. We took the younger kids and had to organise transport, but it all worked out wonderfully: our cars, some local volunteers driving and we all managed to get there and back in one piece :)

The museum was really well done and well worth a visit. And they gave all of us (16 kids and 18 volunteers) free entry which was fantastic! Here are some of the insides of the houses:

It was really hot, so we found a place in the shade and had our snack, while looking over the village and the beautiful view:
Both outings worked out really well and the kids (and the teams and volunteers!) had a wonderful time!

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