Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kids camp 2015

Once again we held the Kids camp for the kids from our sponsorship project in Bardača, which is a bird reserve about an hour away from Banja Luka: It is such a lovely place!
This year, there were about 90 of us altogether and we had a lot of fun! We got to sing lots of fun songs: (some with actions!) Here are Rami and I leading... He and his family came back from Finland just to help with the camp!!
Every day we were treated to lovely talks by Sinisa: this time about Fruit of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, humility and self-control.
Before each talk, the YWAM Davos team did a drama which was connected to the theme. Here they are doing "Jesus calming the storm" for "peace":
It was great having the team along for the ride... the kids loved having them get involved in "Bosnia vs North America" battles at our evening campfires: like shave your friend (using whipped cream)
Or who can make a pyramid the quickest... here the team is carrying their leader, Andrew :)
Besides the dramas, they were given the task of running one afternoon's games - and as it was hot, they were all including some sort of water:
Including a slip and slide...
So much fun, and so nice on a hot day!
They also just enjoyed hanging out with the kids, despite the language barrier... learning some fun sentences like "I am as sweet as candy" and some not so good ones from the naughty kids/volunteers :) Here is Nick with little Lejla:
Aleah and Courtney also redid the photobooth background (which we had used for the Children's Home) to make it ready for camp (we will use the photos for their sponsors, hence it being in English!):
We used it during one afternoon of group games (i.e. groups going around different stations) and the kids had a great time: here I am helping them picking their glasses and moustaches/lips:
The adults also got in on the fun: Here are Tanja and Emina:
Rami... (It was so great to have them come from Finland and work with them all, but sad to have to say goodbye AGAIN!)
Possibly my favourite picture is Sinisa: be afraid, very afraid ha ha!
But sadly, some people didn't figure out how to use it right... :(
Just kidding!! the team is soooooo cute, and we really had a great time with them being at camp with us!
Once again I was in a dorm with the kids, mainly because I like to go to bed early (they go to sleep at 10), but also because the kids love me and fear me in about equal measure :) - so, I kind of end up putting all the dorms to bed (especially when the "youth" volunteers that are supposed to be putting them to bed are outside having fun with the other volunteers... but that is another story). One night I had successfully got my girls to bed downstairs when I heard a lot of loud singing coming from the upstairs two dorms. I went upstairs first to the guys dorm and got them quieted down, and then realised that the girls dorm opposite them were also singing, so I went and got them quieted down...I do it in a nice way (and on the last night they were able to stay up later and have a bit more fun in their dorms...), but no sleep=a not fun camp, so I can be quite strict, as it is for their own good! Now the best part of the story is that while I was upstairs, Dragana was cleaning the showers downstairs and she saw some of the boys from downstairs start going upstairs to join in with the fun... she asked them where they were going, and they told her they were going up to see what was going on... she said to them "don't go up there, Belinda has gone up to sort it out". And the classic reply was "oh boy, I wouldn't want to be in their shoes..."!!! Mission accomplished :)

There were only two not so great parts to camp... the first being the mosquitoes. I now know what a swarm of mosquitoes looks like. Last year they were bad, but if it is possible, they were even worse this year... but it also becomes quite fun as you can hit anyone at will and just say "mosquito" and get away with it! The other sad part of camp was that we ended up sending two boys home on the last night. They were naughty from the get-go and then were warned and still did some stupid things and in the end we decided for their own good (and for the other campers) it was best they went home so hopefully they can learn their lesson... but still it was sad and hard for us as merciful Christians to do, but I really think it was the right choice for both of them...if you pray, remember them with us in prayer.

Then all of a sudden, it was time for us to wrap up camp. Showing off some of what was done during the workshop time: dance - led by the two eldest Kaakinens, Ruut and Rebekka:
And art: Led by Tanja... they made these pictures using crayons and hairdryers - so clever !
Then it was time to get on the bus and head on home...
Or if you are me, drive the kombi full of stuff :) Until next year...

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