Sunday, May 10, 2015

YWAM Biarritz team

A team from YWAM in Biarritz arrived on Wednesday for a 3 week stay. They are being led by Timo who was here last year. There are 6 altogether from the US, Canada, Germany and Hungary.

I sent the team out the first night on an "Amazing Race" scavenger hunt around Banja Luka while Timo and I went for coffee to discuss the first few days while waiting for them to get in...but when I told the two teams to meet up at the restaurant "Kod Muje", I forgot that they actually have another couple of branches - so the boys came to the main one where Timo and I were waiting, but the girls went across town to another one... luckily they realised quickly and used the restaurant's phone to call me! It helps that I put my number on the paper (having lost a team in the past... but that is another story...) So all's well that end's well!

We have been pretty busy - with Book Club at the home, English classes and even cleaning up Banja Luka with other volunteers for the worldwide "Let's do it" campaign... And of course I didn't get any pictures of these things... but I did get some pictures of our activities yesterday and today...

We went to the children's home and gave them 3 hours of fun and games: the little kids mostly did loom bands on the grass (along with some of the big kids...)

 While the older kids played football, volleyball, basketball... and showed the team how it is done!
On Sunday it was one of the team, Stephanie's birthday so I decorated a little cupcake brownie for her and made brownies for the rest of us at church in the morning...
Sunday afternoon we had an afternoon with the children from our sponsorship project... here the team is introducing themselves:
Then we turned around and they did a drama for us: It is called "Everything" and is about how everything is more important in our lives than God... it was really good: (Kennedy, who is here with EUS, stepped in instead of Timo who unfortunately was not well...)
Then it was time for some fun games: silent football:
And the foot game:
As you can see, we are having a wonderful time with this team :) 


Victor said...

Remind me again, how do the volunteers communicate? in what language? or with a translator?

Belinda Chaplin said...

The volunteers all learn some basics of the local language "my name is", "what is your name"... etc. (and for instance in this team we have someone who is here for the 3rd time, so he has learnt a bit more).

We usually also have some local volunteers who can help with translation. And some of the kids speak English or German or Italian, so they can communicate directly.

But hands and feet is a universal language and they usually find a way to communicate!!

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