Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fun last night of the book club!

So, tonight we finished up the Book Club for this school year and we had a great time!! A team from YWAM Davos arrived on Tuesday and I put them to work today making the back drop (and they wrote it in Cyrillic!!) and cutting up the glasses and moustaches and lips for our very own photobooth:

This photo is of 4 siblings: so cute!
How cool are we?
The team also drew on the eyes... it looks so cute!
One of our volunteers, Nada, with "D" and "A"
Here I am with "Z" who is looking cool with his 'stache!
David and Jelena with sisters "A" and "A"
Here is Tanja with "B" sporting a new look :)
At the end we tried to get everyone onto one photo - some of the kids didn't want to, but the majority were in on the game! (and you can see how much cutting out happened!! - well done guys!)
And after we finished with the photos, we gave out their prizes (which were actually made by the previous YWAM team before they left out of donations that we had been given - thanks for that guys!). Each gift included toothpaste, school supplies, some toys, sweets and bracelets amongst other things. I didn't get any pics of the prize giving as we had already taken soooo many photos!

As you can tell we had a really fun night with the kids! (and the cool thing about photobooth photos is that I don't have to blank out the eyes of the kids to make the kids unidentifiable to put them on the internet!!)


Victor said...

Ha ha, these masks saved you a lot of time this time!! :D
I love photobooths. We had one at our wedding. SUPER cool and fun. The photo booth operator said she had never been to ANY non-prom (non-secondary school formal ball) where the photobooth had been used as much. In fact she said our photobooth was used as much as any senior prom (ball) she had been to.

Great idea! And it looks like the kids loved it.

Belinda Chaplin said...

They had a great time with it!! I can believe that your guests used the photo booth - that is the kind of friends you would have!! haha!

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