Thursday, April 09, 2015

Easter at the Children's Home

Every Easter we try to do something fun with the kids which will help them celebrate the Easter season properly, and also give them something fun to do during the school holidays. This year we had three activities for them...

First: Mosaic Crosses:
I asked them why we were making crosses for Easter... and it took them a while to get it!
But they did get it eventually: without the Cross on the Friday we can't have the resurrection on the Sunday!
Here is B with her painstakingly made and beautiful cross:
Next it was an egg basket: Here they are colouring in my badly drawn basket...
Each child coloured in at least one egg, some of them a few more - to fill our basket up with lots of lovely eggs for Easter. It says "Christ is Risen! Risen Indeed!"
And the last activity was bunny baskets from paper plates... the bunnies are actually little baskets and as they left I put marshmallow Easter eggs (imported from South Africa!) and other chocolate goodies for them to enjoy!! 
There were more kids that came and went throughout the two hours we were there, and I think everyone had a great time, including us volunteers :) Thanks to them and especially to Tanja for helping to organise the activities and Trevor and Carol for the paper for the mosaic crosses - we still have lots left, so more fun to come!! 


Victor said...

Cool. I spent Easter in the Philippines. It was beautiful. Happy Easter!

Belinda Chaplin said...

Cool - Philippines! What were you doing there?

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