Sunday, March 01, 2015

Bosnian evening 2015

This is the 8th Bosnian evening that I have organised at Claremont Methodist Church, and I love the fact that I get to bring a little bit of Bosnia Herzegovina to Cape Town as well as help people have a fun evening :) It is a lot of work, but I also have a lot of help from many people, which makes it easier!

Here are my kitchen team - Keren and Laura... They have the job down now as they have been doing it the last 3-4 Bosnian evenings :)
Trying to figure out how to plate 60 plus plates of food and keep it hot is not an easy feat, and then do it again with the dessert as well... they do a great job! This time we had "burek" - meat pie, "prebranac" - beans (not shown), and sopska salad. Desert was a duo of cakes (spice cake, and a fridge cake with whipped cream):

The food turned out well, and despite the fact that I had never actually made the meat pie before, luckily it was very good! (I am the only person I know who makes food for 60 plus people which she has never made before!!)  Here is my mom enjoying the first course  :)
 Some other happy customers!
 And the fun table!
Besides the food...we did do some fun things, like learn to sing a song in Bosnian...then after I shared a bit about what I do then it was time for the Quiz... There were 3 teams who got the same amount of answers right, but after the tie-breaker question these guys came out the winners... here they are with me, showing off some of their prizes:
After the dessert course served with Bosnian coffee and tea, we had a time of prayer for Bosnia and for what I do there :)

I think everyone who came had a good time and learnt a bit about Bosnia and what I am doing there. It was a great evening, with just the right amount of people - not too many, not too few. And I must say a BIG thank-you to everyone who helped make the evening a success!!

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