Monday, December 08, 2014

Waiting for Santa Claus with the "littlies"

On Saturday we took the big kids (grade 5-9) to go bowling and last night it was the turn of the little kids (pre-school to grade 4) to go to the theatre. The production was called "Vesela šuma čeka Deda Mraz" (The happy forest waits for Santa Claus) and had a rabbit, fox and bear who were all waiting for Santa Claus to come and bring them presents... and the most exciting part was when Santa Claus actually did appear!
The City Theatre Jazavac who put on the production gave us the tickets for free, and all 16 children and 8 volunteers really enjoyed the show. Here we are afterwards on stage trying to get a good group shot...
It is a bit harder with the littlies - a bit like herding cats - but when I remember that Tanja and I took 10 of them by ourselves last year, it was much easier with 8 of us to hold hands this year!!

Besides the wonderful experience of going to the theatre, two of the volunteers also put together little presents for all of the children: which just made the event even more special:
Thanks to Ljilja for helping with driving last night - creating chaos when ALL of the kids wanted to go back with her in the jeep and not with me in the kombi (van), but I managed to sort it out...Thanks to the wonderful volunteers for the presents, for their presence and their love for the children.

(and again, sorry for the blacked out eyes, but I am not allowed to put identifiable photos of the children online! thanks for understanding...)

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Victor said...

Very cool. I LOVE bowling and used to go bi-weekly as a kid. Well, maybe not that much. We did skating weekly, I know that.

I actually just went to a similar kids show, but the actors were all circus performers, so they had costumes and acted and sang, but they also did crazy and funny tricks!

I love that you write for different English dialects like when you translate kombi and van.

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