Saturday, December 13, 2014

Unexpected visitor...

So, my brother, Kevin (who lives in Vancouver, Canada), is in Zurich for business, and unexpectedly had a few days free. He asked if it was worth flying into Zagreb to come and see me... of course I would have said yes to that, but an even better option is to use the Banja Luka airport as one of the two places it has flights to happens to be Zurich! (the other is Belgrade) So he was definitely in the right place for a quick stop off to see me and what I do!

I have stolen some of his pictures to give you a taste of what we have been up to while he has been here...It is of course December, so the below sunset pics are at 4pm - but the Banja Luka Kastel is still stunning!

Yesterday, I took him on a drive - via the Krupa Falls and their (working) watermills:
Down to the next town of Jajce:
 Where we enjoyed the sights - including the waterfall
and the "Forteress" as they call it: And the stunningly beautiful sunny day!
We also had to have some cevapi (Banja Luka has its own kind of cevapi - this is the kind found everywhere else...)
 We stopped off at the Pliva mini watermills on the way back...
And enjoyed seeing the snow on the top of the mountain of Manjaca (this is not a lot of snow for this time of year - we have had quite a mild winter so far!)
It hasn't been all play and no work for Kev- he was very useful to us as we had to transport some of the Samaritan's Purse Christmas packages from the warehouse to the church for our distributions this weekend and next: Our kombi looking pretty full... thanks Kev for the help on that!!
But he has had a nice time trying out some of the local flavours... Nektar beer is from Banja Luka's brewery:
 In Jajce he got to try Sarajevsko from, of course, the Sarajevo brewery
When he wrote that he was coming, he said that he wanted to try lots of rakija (plum brandy) and Bosnian coffee: we went to visit my friend Dragana's family and he got to try both there:
And once he was done with the coffee, Dragana's Dad provided Jelen beer (from Serbia) to try... and kept the rakija coming: not that Kev was complaining :)
All in all, it has been great to hang out with my big brother, show him more of what I do and catch up with what is going on with him and his family... And I think he has had a fun time so far...
And I am really glad that he decided to unexpectedly come and visit!

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Victor said...

So awesome. It was great to see my brother and sister during Thanksgiving since I only see them once or twice a year. It's cool to see you still connecting with your brother!

Oh my goodness, Banja Luka is SOO beautiful!! I didn't realise. Gorgeous!

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