Saturday, December 06, 2014

Tanja Gedan... volunteer extraordinaire!!

Tanja has been working with me for over 4 years on the book club and other volunteer projects that we have, and frankly, she is a wonderful help in all that we do! We found out about an award for the volunteer of the year, and applied for it on her behalf...
In the end, she didn't get the actual award, but she got a Diploma for "special contribution to the development of volunteering in the Republic of Srpska". I actually think that if it had been any other year, she may well have won, but this year we had the catastrophic floods, and (PTL) loads of people volunteered during that time, and they actually had a hard time choosing just one person to win the award - and so 4 people got it! And then another 11 people got the diplomas - and maybe only one or two of those were not because of the floods... usually one person gets the award and that is that, so there was hard competition this year for sure!

We were still happy that she did actually get recognised in some way, and she is as well. She and I went to the evening where she was presented the award, and unfortunately I didn't get any clear shots of her actually getting the award, but here she is on the stage, waiting for the others to get their dipomas (the above shot we took afterwards!)
There is more in the local language newspaper here

Well done Tanja, well deserved!! You really are a volunteer extraordinaire!!

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Victor said...

Super awesome! I love that you recognise all the helpers, children, volunteers, and staff! It's really teamwork!

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