Friday, December 05, 2014

End of year party for the Book Club!

After the "You are Special" Christmas play, (and getting some of the actors autographs!), it was time to have our end of year book club party. Two of our wonderful volunteers had organised a huge cake for all of us. On it says "A book is man's best friend, and you are our best pals...!" (It really was great to have something like this - so a BIG thank-you to Ivona and Ljilja!)
While we were hanging out and enjoying our cake, we had a little fun "photo-boothing" with the kids. They got to put on scarves and use sunglasses and moustaches (which I made up for the occasion) and got some cute photos...

Too cool for school:

It was also my sneaky way of getting photos of the kids I can use as they are not recognisable :) (but I will be printing them out and giving them to them... such fun memories!) Thank-you to those who did the photo taking!!

After the cake was all gone, it was time for our prizes for good behaviour and participation. Some deserved them more than others... but what can I say, I am far too lenient and full of mercy... All 31 participants who attended at least 2 of the 4 book club evenings got prizes (there were others who came along to the library or we got books out for, almost 40 children involved in total!). Three of us spent the afternoon making up the prizes from various donations: ranging from clothes and hygiene items to toys and school supplies...(Thank-you Sofija and Dragana for your help!)

We made the prizes according to their ages: here are the 1-4th graders
The 5th and 6th graders are looking a bit happier (I think that making them wait to look at the presents was probably a little bit too cruel for the younger ones!)
 And our 7-9th graders:
Some were missing at prize-giving, but as you can see, this has definitely been our biggest year ever, and this end of year party was the best ever as well!

I just realised that I didn't get a picture of all the wonderful volunteers who make this club possible... we had over 20 of them at the party, and it would have been a good time to get a photo, oh well! It really has been a great 3 months with many new (and my faithful old) volunteers, and I am so happy that God knew that I would need more volunteers as we had such a large number of children involved! A big THANK-YOU to all of you - you are wonderful and without you, it wouldn't be possible to do what we do...

It is great to be able to make an impact in these children's lives in some way - hopefully getting them to read more, but also giving them more love and attention on an individual level... and hopefully showing them the truth that they are special!

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Victor said...

Huge impact! I think end-of-the-year activities gives us an opportunity to come together and reflect on it. It's probably something we should do more often throughout the year!

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