Thursday, November 20, 2014

BEST Business Training Group 12

Since I started doing this training 5 years ago, I have run it now with 12 groups, and every group still has some surprises for me... One of the things we do is for them to run a cash book - just to keep track of everything in cash. And this time one of the teams said to me "but we need another cash book" and when I asked why, their reply was "because that is what everyone in business does here... runs two cash books: one they show to the tax man and one they do for themselves..." Luckily they were only joking, but this is still something that is too prevalent here. :(
Ljilja helped a lot with the actual training, and it was actually easier for me as we now have a translated version of the handbook: so I can ask the questions directly from the handbook instead of having to translate them in my head!!

This was also the first time we ran the training in our new classroom, and it works well, even if the layout is not ideal.
Here are the red team who despite their tendency to save too much, ended up doing quite well:
The blue team was well-balanced, and very,very good negotiators: two of them having finished a negotiating course:
Some of the greens needed help with their negotiating and communicating skills: they were the ones who ended up almost bankrupt because they didn't make a deal to sell their products on... a good lesson for everyone on the importance of good business relationships:
Some of their start-up businesses were also very unique: ranging from piano lessons to selling artwork... it was great fun to see what they came up with to try and make some money as part of the practical part of their training.

Already there is a lot of interest for group number 13 in the new year, and so I look forward to helping more people get a grasp on business concepts, and improve their negotiating skills amongst many other things that we teach while doing this training!!


Victor said...

The interesting thing is we do an actual competition called the GOMC where university students pair up with real businesses (Small to Medium businesses - SMBs) and get real money from us to run online, digital advertising campaigns. We give regional prizes as well as global prizes. But your course reminds me of that because they get to practice their skills.

Belinda Chaplin said...

the online challenge sounds really interesting... Our course is REALLY basic, but everyone learns something - the ones who already know business learn other skills like communication and negotiation as well... and it is a great way to see how the things that you learn theoretically work out in the real world...

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