Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mom's experience of Banja Luka...

I decided to borrow some of Mom's pictures to show you how we spent her time here in Banja Luka...

We arrived on Sunday night from Croatia and went straight to see Tanja and Damjan for deer stew (yummy!) and we were treated to some "rakija" (plum brandy). Unfortunately, it was actually medicinal, as Mom wasn't feeling so great (and I joined in to keep them company - haha!):
She laid low for the next two days to try and shake her nasty cough, but felt better enough on Tuesday evening to come along for my television appearance :)  I shared about needing volunteers for the book club... (I will be putting the full video on another post once I get a copy)
We hung out a bit at Ihtus: and she got to see the new building and how it is progressing:
We also enjoyed spending time at home, enjoying the award winning balcony flowers - My landlady won an award this year for the best balcony flowers in Banja Luka (and of course I didn't take a picture when they actually looked amazing, instead of now in their scraggly October form)
We went to the library with (the other) Tanja to get books out for the book club kids, and of course she didn't take a picture in the library, but instead wanted to have a pic in front of a "typical" Banja Luka building.
There was also time for a new hairdo... below she is showing it off with (yet another) Tanja the hairdresser:
We had to show the new hairdo off downtown and couldn't just pass by the ice cream stand... In case you hadn't noticed, the weather this week has been better than the whole summer!! (we had a lot of rain... flooding remember?!) We are finally getting an Indian Summer... I will take a summer any which way!!
We went one day to lunch where Ihtus used to be - it is now a lovely restaurant, and it is fun to go there for old time's sake!
Mom with Dragana enjoying their pasta! Ljilja and I had pizza... all is very good!
I hope you enjoyed this little look at Mom's week in Banja Luka!! It is never boring here in Banja Luka!! And now she carries on with her tour of the world...

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