Friday, October 10, 2014

English Conversation Group October 2014

I now run two-three 6 week "blocks" of English conversation classes a year, running at least in the spring and the autumn. This helps those that want to keep coming regularly to keep coming, but also gives those who just want a short "boost" to their language learning to come just to the one block.

I make up my own curriculum, and as I have a few students who keep coming back, I do have to do new material (or just repeat the good stuff) so they don't get bored! I use games and activities just to get them to speak as much as they can. I monitor and help where needed and at the end just give them some pointers as to some common mistakes that I heard them making. The levels vary from pre-intermediate to advanced - my only condition is that they have to speak well enough to carry a conversation even if it is slow: those that feel they can't make it, tend to drop out or attend one of our other classes instead.

So on Wednesday, our first class, it was on "introductions" and "getting to know each other": Ljilja came and took some pics in the beginning with the good camera of us doing the first activity "Find Someone Who":
 It is always a bit of chaos, but as people are trying to win, it is also always competitive...
The idea is to make a line of 5 like bingo - it isn't always easy :)
Once things got a bit more serious, I was left with just my phone camera, but you will get the idea... Here we are in pairs talking through "getting to know you" questions... Spend time in one pair and then rotate around a couple of times... it is a great way to get to know each other, and as they are repeating the same things to new people very good practice. I love this kind of activity (as do they I think!)
Then it was time to get into groups of 3-4 and play a talking game. (and here is proof that Mom came to join in with us at the end - with her spiffy new hairdo!!). The "game" is just a way to talk about yourselves... And it went really well.
We ended off as usual with a lateral thinking exercise - this one was quite a good one: A man travels to another country in order to have a drink in a bar. He could have the same drink in a bar in his home country. Why did he travel? 

It is actually based on a true life situation... see if you can get it... I will put the answer in the comments below :)

All in all, I think it was  a great start to our autumn conversation classes, and it was fun to have Mom be a part of it as well...

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Belinda Chaplin said...

The answer to the lateral thinking exercise is actually based on truth: The man is from Ireland and when he was no longer able to smoke in the pubs, he decided to go to England to drink as there he could still smoke in pubs. (this actually did happen quite often!)

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