Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Raaff's visit :)

It was so great having my "kumovi" come to visit. Trevor, Carol, Anna and Christopher and I had a very busy, semi-holiday, semi-work week and it really was sad to see them go (they went on to Croatia for a REAL holiday!). Besides the visits to the orphanage, the helped us in re-organising two of the rooms in our building (which were over packed with stuff...) and we had a wonderful South African evening at Ihtus.

They also did the "photo scavenger hunt" which I give to my teams to do - to find out a little bit more about Banja Luka. They have to find and take pictures at the main places around town... Here they are at the Fortress Kastel:
I actually joined them (and helped a bit!) after that - here they are at the crooked clock which is a monument to the 1969 earthquake.
There were other photos, but I will just bore you with one more: of all of us in front of the Temple of Christ the Saviour: Love it!
The kids were taken for haircuts, as they are MUCH cheaper here than in England: Anna looking lovely with her new shoulder length look.
But the exciting hairstyle prize does have to go to Christopher's new lightening bolts! 
On their last night, as I already mentioned, we had a wonderful South African evening: starting with a quiz which Trevor did really well and which Ljilja won - which isn't surprising as she lives with me and has been there... but there were prizes up until 5th place, so no one complained!  The quiz was followed by some awesome food - including springbok biltong!
Carol unveiling the bobotie:
And the whole family with all the food and most of the people in the background - and me explaining to everyone what everything is... bobotie with yellow rice, melk tart and peppermint crisp pudding :)
Even though we were busy, I think that they had a good time, and won't forget Banja Luka and Bosnia Herzegovina in a hurry! (and just to say, not all my visitors will be put to work - they specifically wanted to have a more missions experience with the kids!!)

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Victor said...

Super cool. The family looks lovely and the kids are beautiful. I actually love service vacation trips. :-)

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