Monday, August 18, 2014

My room...

Ever since I had my own room from age 5, I have never been really good at keeping things tidy. I keep it clean, but clutter is fine by me (including on the floor...). And I don't really seem to notice it - so much so that one time my Dad actually picked up everything off the floor in my room and put it in black garbage bags in the garage, and it took my 5 days to realise!! Needless to say that it is good thing that I can shut the door to my room and leave it be when guests come :)

It was kind of getting time to do a spring clean and so this past week I decided to do one hour a day of decluttering and then finish up on Saturday. (And I was determined to get it done - on Tuesday the only hour I was actually at home between 8am and 9pm, I spent decluttering!). I needed to do it, as part of my bedroom is actually my home office: and I was beginning to go insane as I couldn't find stuff... Now it is fairly presentable!
I also have a couch (or spare bed when I have guests), library, exercise centre and music room as well... 
And I actually do have a bed :)
The flower and butterfly are both symbols of the death and resurrection of Christ (5 petals for his 5 wounds, and the butterfly showing new life). These are just a reminder to me to be mindful always of God's great love and grace to me :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my (mostly) tidy bedroom! Don't blink, it won't last too long! 

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