Monday, August 18, 2014


Last night, our friends Damjan and Tanja Vojnovic invited us to come and enjoy kukuruz (in SA we call them mielies, everywhere else: corn on the cob) at their place... We thought that it would be cooked in water on the stove (as did Tanja!) but Damjan had other ideas:
Inviting all the kids from the neighbourhood and us (and our guest Alma, who is visiting us from Sanski Most at the moment!) to enjoy them on the fire:
This is a pic of me, Alma, and Bojan and Snjeza Vojnovic with two of the neighbourhood kids:
After we were done, most of the kids left, but we stayed and hung out around the fire... it has been a long time since I enjoyed a good campfire (well other than at Kids Camp). 
It was a really nice surprise to have kukuruz on the fire - as Tanja says "with Damjan, you always have to expect the unexpected"!!

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