Saturday, August 09, 2014

Day out at Krupa na Vrbasu

So, one of my favourite places to take people or go for a nice day out is to Krupa na Vrbas (which is about 1/2 hour from Banja Luka). I don't know how many times I have been there now, but it is over 10 times...and I have written about it on the blog a few times as well :)

Now, Tanja who has lived her whole life in Banja Luka has never ever been!!!! So, Ljilja and I decided to make a day of it with her and her family. Tanja was joking how funny it is that she was being taken to one of the touristic destinations of Banja Luka by a South African!!

After weeks of rain (and this week MORE flash flooding after 79 litres fell in 24 hours in Banja Luka- this is more than the average monthly rainfall in ONE day...) it was finally sunny today, so off we went! You can see in these pictures how high the river is (it is the highest I have ever seen it!)
 Above is Aco, Marina, Tanja, myself and Ana on the bridge and below Ljilja, Tanja and I:
Before we went to the (new) restaurant for lunch, we went for a lovely (albeit a little muddy) walk along the river... 
And in case you didn't believe me that the water is high - here are two pics for comparison: the water today, and the water 5 years ago in August (what it normally looks like at this time of year):

Tanja and the girls enjoyed their first time to Krupa (Aco had been before) and for Ljilja and I it was a much needed day off from our busy schedules!!


Victor said...

Crazy water levels! I love how you can still discover a place you know, after being there a long time. It's as if part of knowing is knowing that there is still more to know.

Belinda Chaplin said...

I was in Banja Luka maybe 4-5 years before I discovered this place... but since then I have made up for lost time. It really is a nice place - have picnicked, braaied (barbecued), hiked, and now that they have a restaurant, lunched there... and they have freshly milled flour which I always buy. It is a nice place to take visitors, and I have a lot of those, so I guess that is why the guy who sells flour there knows my name :)

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