Thursday, August 21, 2014

Creative workshops!

In August, the children in the Children's Home are mostly back from Italy, or other places they go to over the summer, and bored out of their bracket. So, I normally try to organise some sort of fun activity for them. This year, my good friends, Trevor, Carol and their two kids Anna and Christopher are visiting now, and as they wanted to have a bit of "mission" experience, I decided to wait for them to go and do some sort of creative workshop... and they brought along some fun stuff from England so it really was fun!

The first day we took loom bands along... and the kids loved them! Here are two of the littlies showing how it is done without a loom: just using your fingers (Anna and Christopher are experts and were showing us all how to do it!!)
Here is Carol helping little M:
And here is another M showing us her handiwork at the end... she was FAST!
Having worked with these kids over many years, I can really testify that the loom bands were the best thing we have ever brought... the kids sat and made bracelets and were (mostly) well-behaved for almost 2 hours!! Amaaaazing...
We went the next day to do some more hands on sticking and cutting activities with tissue paper... and after an hour and a bit, it was enough for the kids and we decided to call it a day. (I have one motto with the kids at the Home, keep going while it is working, stop when it starts going wonky... and it works!).

{The fact that the kids sat for two hours the first day was partly testimony to the loom bands effectiveness, but also due to the fact that we had more local volunteers on the first day. I love my local volunteers!! We definitely couldn't do these workshops without them!}

But that said, we did manage to get two good looking end products: The first activity was to make a hand tree with green leaves...
The next was a tissue paper butterfly: (both of these posters will stay in the Home for them to enjoy!)
In the middle of the above poster is a translation of the following - I happened to see on Facebook in the morning, and decided to use it - we were already planning on doing the butterflies, and it just fit in well!
When it came time to say goodbye, some of the kids were really sad to see Anna and Christopher go... as you can see below. And I think Anna would go back every day of their stay here if she could!
Even though it can be chaotic, the teachers at the home are so grateful for the break and the kids love having something different to do as well! And I love giving them lots of hugs and love in between getting stuff done!


Victor said...

Super cool. I didn't know you could do the Loom bracelets with just your hand. And for two hOURS! I wonder how long it takes just to do one bracelet???

Belinda Chaplin said...

It takes different amounts of time for different kids... in that time, some made just one, others 2 or 3, one made 5, but she had experience.

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